Keepin' it clean in 2018

Just for the record, I NEVER leave dirty dishes in the sink. I care about kittens too much. And so should you. :)

I don't know about you, but I do end up making goals at the start of each year in an effort to not stay in one place, or worse yet, slip backwards on a variety of fronts. Call them resolutions if you will, but I'd say more like some targets to aim at during various pursuits throughout the year. In any case, I was feeling a little blah for the first few weeks of this year. It probably has something to do with too many treats over the holidays. Maybe everything?

I'm finally getting over that -- and you know what has really helped? Bat-doo-doo crazy friends! The Trail Heads trail running group sponsored by Second Sole in Lakewood, Ohio, has the most awesome bunch of crazies ever. Getting together to run 6 miles or so in the dark, through muddy and snowy trails, avoiding tree roots (I forgot to do that this week), etc., is admittedly a little nuts. But I find that the sort of people that take the time and energy to do this after work just about every week tend to be pretty amazing people. I always leave the Monday night trail runs totally inspired by this bunch of crazies. This week was no exception.

So to John, Kristen, Tracy, Tom P, Katie, Chris, Tom W, Jamie, Tim, Mike, Christian, Joe, Bridget, Ling-Ling, Eric, Larry, Martha, Duane and anyone else I may have missed -- thanks for the inspiration! Here's to a great 2018 of more trail lunacy!

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